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Park Cannon for Georgia House District 58.

Better solutions for a better Georgia.


Our Voices Matter: 

At 24, when I was elected to the Georgia House, I set out to work on the issues from the inside. I saw that my presence was so necessary. There were only two members from our LGBTQ community in the House. I started to realize that even the tiny resistances we could form as a rainbow caucus were important.

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Funded Quality Basic Education

Supported raises for ALL workers



Allocated $50,000 to Grady Hospital

Passed HIV PReP pilot program


Affordable Housing

Got $50,000 homestead exemption

Passed CLT referendum for 2020



We are thankful to be supported by organizations that look out for our community. 



March 2017

"I just wake up every day and I just know that it’s a beautiful day, that there’s beauty because Mama Earth has provided us with an opportunity to do something, you know small or large, for others. My family has come from a background of service, military service, medical service, teaching service, and so I’m inspired by the people that I serve and the opportunity to serve." - Park Cannon

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Georgia House District 58


Our District: Atlanta is growing at a record pace and impacting us in new ways. I sit on the City of Atlanta Delegation as Co-chair of the Affordable Housing Sub-Committee to be a voice for all of us to move forward with the city and not be left behind. Our state is learning from our local justice reform, transit, education, and healthcare progress.

So, let's make our voices heard in District 58! Come on Adams Park, Amal Heights, Betmar La Villa, Cabbagetown, Campbellton Road, Capitol Gateway, Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, Downtown, Edgewood, Fort McPherson, Fort Valley, Joyland, Mechanicsville, Midtown, Oakland Cemetery, Oakland City, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh, Sweet Auburn, Summerhill, Sylvan Hills, Venetian Hills, Virginia Highland and in between! #ParkFor58


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